Buddha at Ajanta Caves
Interior of Ajanta chaitya hall, Cave 26 -  5th century AD

This space is where I share my thoughts about Engineering and technology based on my 16+ years of Enterprise engineering in various positions from Engineer up to a leader managing teams of engineers, and 23 years fiddling with computers. Working with computer engineering is my passion, hobby turned into my career. During the journey, I have developed interests in many things such as cooking, photography, economics(market),home automation, travel etc., I write in this space to educate people looking to learn new things in the tech, markets and leadership. As I am ramping up my skills in all those, I will focus on writing more about those in the coming seasons. In my professional sphere, I lead a group of exceptional engineers at Apple, focusing on the intricate aspects of billing and payments within one of its divisions.

My venture into the world of computers, and ultimately into computer engineering, is a story of a lifelong passion transforming into a career. This journey began in the corridors of my school during the 7th grade, where I first encountered the wonders of programming languages like LOGO, and MS-DOS. I grew up during the boom of the IT space where companies such as IBM, HP, Microsoft, and Yahoo were dominating and Google started as a budding company. Java was catching up as a mainstream programming language and contributed to a certain extent to the Java community.

My fascination with markets and economics began around 2012 after gaining a fair understanding of the sub-prime crisis. Since then, I’ve been keenly interested in exploring the dynamics that drive the economy and influence people’s capacity to earn a living.

When my kid’s fascination with LEGO ignited, it also rekindled my engineering spark. Together we created a First LEGO League team Eureka with five aspiring young engineers. This journey was more than building with bricks; it was about molding young minds in teamwork, innovation, and robotics. Teaching them to research, design, and present their ideas was thrilling. Our united passion and hard work led us to the world championships. It’s a journey we’re still passionately pursuing.

On the side, I get to work on projects that I intend to learn and try to make some useful tools. Probably you can find some interesting projects at https://github.com/msubra