Hi, I’m Mahesh.

Hi, I’m Mahesh.

My today’s career has been started as a hobby, when I was introduced to computers during my 7th grade in school. Started to get my hands dirty with LOGO and MS-DOS and till now programming with Java, Python, Javascripts etc.,.

My interests started with compilers, web and now solving some complex problems in Enterprises.

Well, to talk about this blog is a place where I register my thoughts and views on Software, Programming and Enterprise software applications. Hope you will find a quite few interesting articles and views of Software, programming & Enterprise Architecture. This blog was basically started during my college days, with a different name. But I decided to go with my name so that it seems bit logical to me. I’ve migrated this blog on a whole range of blog platforms starting with Blogger, Wordpress hosted blog now it runs on Jekyll powered by github.

Follow me at @msubramaniya, +MaheshSubramaniya, and know more about me at LinkedIn

Web Apps

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Look at the homepage for list of projects. Not all my projects are listed in here. Just whatever I thought important to share is made public.