ASP, PHP or CGI + Javascript Steals your Clipboard

Warning!!!. If want to access any kind of ASP , PHP or CGI page, do clear out the system clipboard. What sound nuts? Yeah, the thing what i said really stunned me, with the combination of ASP , PHP or CGI and Javascript, one can read the contents of the victims clipboard.

If you have any private or privacy contents in your system clipboard, then this would put you into trouble. I was really shocked while seeing the execution of this ASP file ( link below ). I was typing a mail to my friend in the notepad , then finally copied into the gmail, after accidently viewing that page, it displayed, the entire mail content. Stunned, Shocked, etc. etc.

So try to clearout your clipboard. Also placing lot of content in clip board may reduce your CPU speed. A short tip to clear the contents is the copy a blank content after finishing your copy processes.

Look at the source: