Attack of clones – The Twitter spam. Should this be bothered?

Today I found this email in my inbox.

I just thought it’s Scobleizer who is following me. But a moment later, I realized that Scobleizer was following me from a long time. That made me understand it’s the Twitter spam. The first twitter spam that  I came across.

So this is the spammer’s profile, but the theme is not the Scobleizer’s theme.

Then I googled for any other such instances, and found that few top bloggers have their clones ( i.e spammers ) alive in Twitter. Darren has posted that lots of members have followed some spammer named ‘darrenmrowse’.

So, how long these online services remove these people manually, instead they can build a small system which will  automatically stop such spammer, where ‘Prevention is better than a Cure’. Darren quotes that many people in internet are unknowingly following some spammer.  So, when the twitter removes them, these people should be reconnected to the original user. Is that been done?

I came across this site Stop Twitter spam, which posts news about spams revolving around twitter in the internet.  Good that they are creating awareness sites, but awareness doesn’t stop spammers. Unless there is a mechanism which doesn’t stop spammers, having such awareness sites, blogging about the spammers are just to flock people to their site.

So Darren and Scobleizer have you have ever had any idea what percentage of your followers are spammers? And do you still think that it’s a good idea to identify the spammers following you?

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