Bury Digg - Why you should get rid of Digg!



Let me start with a small anecdote from SkellieWag

  • Zen Habitshas been on the front page of Digg 82 times.
  • Freelance Switch, 18 times.
  • Copyblogger, 22 times (but is now on the auto-bury list).
  • Dosh Doshhas never made the front page of Digg, but it eats StumbleUpon alive every day.

Now you would have guess what this post is all about? You digged your post in and counting on it for more diggs? Your post had got only 3 diggs, including yours. Haven’t your post reached the front page yet? If yes, then this blog post is for you!

The about stuffs made me to search some of the famous blogs in digg and count up their votes. Here is where I did a small research on Problogger the 2nd top ranked site in Technorati!

  • 'problogger' in the popular stories section - 0 digg posts
  • 'problogger' in the popular stories section ( including buried story ) - 2 digg posts
  • 'problogger' in all stories - could see a considerable amount of result

The numbers were really really amazing me. I came across a story in problogger with 141 comments. It’s really overwhelming response. But the story has never been digged! Yes, I tried digging it, and it took me to ‘New digg section’.

If you would have a look at the Skellie’s post from where I took the anecdote , you would find a lots of comments, and stumbles with reviews and just ‘2 diggs’. This could easily make you think that such a good written post, with a good response from the readers, hasn’t crossed more than 2 diggs!

The big question!

Is digg really a useful tool to reach the valuable contents to the users of Internet? Will that really shows up the front page with useful information?

Digg’s About me section describes as

From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users.

Does Digg really doing well. Are they towards their words of vision as described in the about me section?

If you look into the first 5 pages of any ‘Popular’ section, you will find the posts from top technology websites & blogs, News blogs & their websites.The cloud of post from similar websites will make you think that ‘Isn’t digg slowly becomes a ‘benami’ for all the news making sites?’

Problem with digg

The digg is mostly occupied with the posts that you could get from the known websites such as CNN, Time, Washington-Post etc. So, why the hell digg? Digg doesn’t discover the valuable content of of undiscovered bloggers!

If you are voracious blogger and you have loads of information in your blog, the easiest way to get your post to the front page is, go beg the top diggers for the vote. If they don’t consider you, then you don’t consider Digg!

From the anecdote. And now you could have realized that Digg is not the only tool to promote your contents. So, now it’s your choice, Dig the ‘Digg’ or Bury the ‘Digg’.

What digg should do?

Kevin Rose & his fellas should seriously consider some stuffs to improve these kind of negative critics & comments. Also, they need to understand that they are slowly losing the market to Stumble, Newsvine, Mixx etc. 

In order to make the digg real social stuff and if it really concerned about quality articles, Digg should serious undergo some reconstruction.

Points that Digg can consider

  • Allow a specified limit of diggs per user
  • The user should have digged articles in various topics
  • Say not more than 5 Posts from the same web page should not be shown on the Front page.

I could jot down just these points and if you find that digg should improve and should seriously consider things then pour down your thoughts on it.