DB2 Certification 700 – DB2 UDB v8.1 Family Fundamentals

Finished off my DB2 Certification. The certification examination was quite bit different than I expected and prepared for. Eventhough I haven’t taken any simulator kind of exams, went for the exam with a hope because I am strong in SQL kind of stuff.

The exam was One hour and fifteen minutes. I guess, if one with a strong SQL knowledge would require about 30-45 minutes for finishing off the entire exam.

Regarding the preparation, as I said before, if one strong with SQL, please prepare for the DB2 UDB Concurrency. Then there will be 3-4 question where DB2 UDB Planning comes, here one should be able to pick up which kind of DB2 Products can be for given scenario.

Then rest of the exam goes with the SQL based questions. In SQL, be clear with the table Join concepts, then concept of using GROUP BY clause, then few questions on security concept with SQL such as GRANT and REVOKE.

Some of the points I had noted down on DB2 UDB Products during my prepartion are listed in another post DB2 UDB - Few Points. Hope this would be helpful. I had noted only few, coz bored up with the repeated word “CENTERS”. There are lot of “Centers” in the DB2 Products ( e.g Control Center, Development Center etc.,).

Also there are quite good exam simulators for it. Since I didn’t search for one, I couldn’t give more info about it. You are free you use Google.

1 - You can download materials ( eBook ) from eSnips.

2 - You can download materials ( eBook ) from eSnips.

Also, you can download the DB2 Express for you own usage and practical knowledge. I had literally missed that before I am not aware that a free DB2 version was available for download.