DB2 UDB - Few Points

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Nothing serious fellas...This is just a 10% of your study material. I thought of sharing it out.

Varities of DB2

  1. DB2 Everywhere - Mobile DB application 
  2. DB2 PE - Personal Edition, for storing large amount of personal data i.e single user environment
  3. DB2 Workgroup Server Edition ( WSE ) - Fit for SMEs. It is scalable to LAN and WAN.
  4. DB2 Workgroup Unlimited Server Edition ( WUSE ) - Fit for SMEs. Can be scaled to Internet appliaction of the corporate.
  5. DB2 Enterprise Server Edition ( ESE ) - Has all functionality of WUSE, with added features such as Connector.Has DPF

Some Terms Used

Not all the terms gonna be used in exam. But learning new things is no harm

  • SMP - Symmetric Multi Processor
  • DPF - Database Partioning Feature, i.e split up DB into multipel machines and finally act as an single DB instance
  • Control Center - Maintains DB Server
  • Configuration Assistant - Configures / Manages Client - Server Data
  • SMART - Self Managing And Resource Tuning
  • Tools are different from Add-Ons
  • Satellites : DB2 Servers, which host the same application program in all the servers with similar DB2 Configurations
  • Task - Task is a script, with associated sucess, failure conditionals with notification and schedules.

DB2 Clients

  1. DB2 Runtime Client - Basic Connection
  2. DB2 Administrator Client - Has all features of DB2 Runtime Client with Admin functionalities
  3. DB2 Application Development Client - Has tools and facilities to develop applications using DB2.

Note: The last 2 Client has Runtime Client with them by default.

DB2 Extenders

  1. XML extender
  2. Spatial Information Extender
  3. TAIV - Text, Audio, Image and Video Extender
  4. DB2 Net Search Extender - Tool used for applications in Internet for searching the DB2 quick and fast.

Data Links File Manager

  1. IBM technology that is used to link the files outside the DB in a relational way.
    - It maintains referential integrity within the file
    - Automatic Backup and restore
    - Enchanced Access Control


  1. Wizards - Used for easy use purpose instead of working with complex queries.
    Type of Wizards
    - Advisors , used for tuning performance, gathering info and recommending options that one maynot have considered.
    - Notebook

Control Center: db2cc

  • It's a DB administration server. (DAS)
  • Helps schedule jobs, control jobs, control database and lot more.

Replication Center : db2rc

  1. Used to replicate the DB across DB2 and non DB2 Database
  2. Control Tables
  3. Capture Control Tables

DB2 Satellite Administration Center : Control several Db2 servers, which hosts the same appliction.

DB2 Command Center : db2cctr

  1. Helps to execute SQL statements, view the result set and store them.

DB2 Task Center : db2tc

  1. Helps creating , scheduling task for various operations
  2. Helps grouping of tasks
  3. Tasks are notified though e-mail if any mentioned.

These are only few, Infuture might add...In mean time know a little bit about DB2 UDB Fundamental Examination, incase if you wanna write for one.