Display tags in Google Search using Google Bookmarks

Google Search is getting better and better as time flies. Google Search starts displays the tags that you have given for the post. Wow!!! This is cool!!!

I just tried to search How is my post on GMail hacks part1 & part 2 doing in the Google Search Engine. And I found an interesting stuff around the search result of my post. Google Search had listed tags. I wondered how it could index the tags. Then the findings had lead me to know that Google Search results make use of Google Bookmarks to fetch the relevant tags for for the search results.


How to make Google Search display tags?

This is very simple trick. Google Bookmarks is a social bookmarking site like del.icio.us. Google Search indexes your saved Google Bookmark too. Add your post to Google Bookmark and give appropriate tags to your post. And the job is done. You would see Google Indexes your Google Bookmark and displays the tags post.


Note: The Google Bookmark tags are displayed only when you are logged into Google.

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