Firefox bug reports – Some interesting facts

Today I was curious to know about the list of bugs that has occurred for the Firefox browser over all these time. And the count of bugs received and fixed made me surprise about the development at Mozilla. Bugs are important players in any development projects. Hence bugs determines the robustness of the software. But still if a strong developer team available, then more robust the software as all the bugs will be fixed and hence more robust is the software.

Below diagram displays the defect segmentation based on the operating systems. I’ve grouped all the outdated and less used Windows OSes ( Win 95, Win 98, Win NT etc ) as Windows ( others ), Similarly for Mac Os and Linux and Unix Versions. You can see that Windows XP based Firefox browser has a huge number of defects. I’m amazed with the huge number of defect logged for Firefox in Win XP. This actually shows that there is a huge user base for Firefox in Windows XP and software is much less stable compared to other operating systems ( though this is an hypothetical assumption ).


Here is the bugs segmentation based on components of the Firefox. Bookmarks & History, Tabbed browser tops in defects. Developer would be much interested in this chart as it involves a kind-of technical details. Also, I didn’t include the General defects which counts more than 19,000+, because of the charting technicalities. The other bars becomes very smaller if you plot the General defects. It was a small in-sight for me when I saw “Session Restore” is a seperate component, which got a revamp recently in the Firefox 3.5 beta release.


If you are more curious in such things, try digging the Bugzilla database and find more interesting fact and do ping me.

Note: I’ve taken the “Unverified / Unreported “ bugs into consideration for this statistics purpose.

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