Google Book Tip - Manage Your Library via Barcode

I Came across an interesting tip for Google Book. If you are having a lots of book and you arent not able to type in all your ISBN number  and need to keep track of them using Google’s book service. Here is a quick tip.

Google’s Software Engineer Matt demonstrate a tip using a USB powered bar code reader.

  1. Just login into your Google account.
  2. Google Book
  3. Goto My Library
  4. Click Import
  5. Power your USB bar code reader
  6. Scan the bar code behind your book
  7. And thats it. Done.

Google Book service recogonises the ISBN number and adds the book into your library.

Power your USB scanner, scan the bar code of your books and import  into your library.

Once you have build your library, you can make use of Google book services to work on them. You will have benefits like

One big advantage of having your You don’t have to go manually search for all the respective books for the pages. Google Book will search for the text in your library and will list down the pages where you can find the

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