How to Enable USB in Leopard

Do you have a question ‘My USB Flash drive is not detected in Leopard’? You face problems after you install or upgraded to new Leopard? Here is a solution for all your problems.

None of the OS is great if it doesn’t support USB & Internet. Even Leopard doesn’t get a compromise. Most of the people installed Leopard or upgraded to Leopard will face a problem where the USB drives will not be detected. I was tired of searching with Google and finally found a fix for the USB drivers to be detected.You need to install the latest drivers for USB in the leopard machine. Get it from the Apple Developer Connection - USB Debug Kits. You need to get registered in order to download it from the Apple Developer Connection.

Follow this easy step.

  • Just download this zip file from - iousbfamily308.4.0
  • Unzip zip it
  • Install the package IOUSBFamily-308.4.0-log.pkg.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and finish the installation.
  • Reboot the machine.
  • Plug in the USB stick and you will find it tracked. Here is my USB stick got detected

Install the package - IOUSBFamily-308.4.0-log.pkg

Follow the installation steps.

My 4GB Trascedent USB drive mounted!

Will soon write on how to enable the Ethernet card and to handle the problems you face while you run your Leopad ( Hackintosh ).

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