Mac OS X How To: Enable root user account aka superuser account

By default, the “root” account aka “superuser” account is disabled in Apple Mac. This is because, for a normal user, such a full access control account is not necessary. But still, to fix something or for development purpose a root access is necessary.

sudo” command can used to enable “root” user and execute any command via “root” account.

usage: sudo -K | -L | -V | -h | -k | -l | -v
usage: sudo [-HPSb] [-p prompt] [-u username|#uid]
{ -e file [...] | -i | -s | <command> }

Here is how you enable the “root” account. You should need an Admin previledged account.

  1. Command + spacebar -> typein  "Terminal" or Macintosh HD -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.
  2. Execute the following Command "sudo passwd root"
$ sudo passwd root
Changing password for root.
New password:
Retype new password:

Once the command prompt is shown, you can now login using the “root” in the terminal or while your mac boots up ( if you have manual login ).