Make quick notes in Google Notebook

Google Notebook, a novel idea from google, at first didn’t impress me. Whenever I come across any content that should be made note of, I used to copy and store it in my gmail. But things became difficult when my corporate blocked the mail programs. Then the only way was to forward the mail to my corporate id for any references that I’ve made.

Herecomes the Google Notebook the saviour of time and energy for me.

Google Notebook, allows me to add text items.

Each items are dragabble, so it’s very comfortable to organize the notes made.


Tag your notes for easy references.

image image

The Trash section is very useful when you unknowingly deleted any notes


Also create categories, sections to the notes that you make in the notebook.

Sort your numerous topics notes that you have created.


It would be very useful if google could add a facility to make a note through mobile, like Twitter or Google Calendar.