Problems never solved, they transform

In the world full of problems, solving a problem doesn’t erase the problem, rather transforms into another problem, more like the conservation of energy. Let me give you a simple example.

Say, you are looking to shield your car from blazing hot sun and not turn your interior into an oven. You buy a windshield reflector, some side shields to attach to the windows. Now you have effectively reduced the heat in the interior of the car but never got the desired result. But for the sake of argument let us assume that you have solved your problem.


Probably, that specific problem, but you have introduced a new set of problems to tackle.

What is that?

Now, you have effectively added a new set of problems to your list of problems,

  1. Storage of the windshield protector
  2. Every time you get into the car, remember to fold it
  3. Every time you get out of the car, remember to put it back on.

Now you have successfully hooked up-to a new set of problem while solving another. Life is full of problems to solve, which never gets vanished, but just transforms from one form to another.

In our current world, we tried to find solution for

  1. Connecting people, Created Social networking, created priacy issues.
  2. Faster payment, leads to data hacking
  3. Finding information, use search engine, they can manipulate what you see & learn.

Many more you could think of. Our mind always lets us choose lesser of two evils.

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