Safari 3.0 is vulnerable to Phishing attack – Here is the proof

Most of the online users would be aware of the Phishing attack. There are also various kind of attacks, but Phishing is most common attack happening in the Internet through mails.

Few days back I got a mail from titled ‘Paypal’ with Subject that “You Account access is limited. Remove this limitation”. Obliviously, I opened it.


And the mail read like this


In the mail it has been stated that I’ve done some unusual online activity , so that they have put the account under control.

They want to verify my authentication. This mail alarmed me. Then immediately I opened up the header of the mail. The header is read as


And the mail is from “”. If you could note it, even the word “paypal” is not proper. It’s “payapl”. Which is fake and Phishing domain.

So, I marked as spam. Now my big question is, If I haven’t opened up the header and directly clicked the link they have provided, how does the browser effectively alert users about this phishing site.

How Internet Explorer 8 warns about a phishing site

Now I’m bit careful enough while launching the site and I’m sure that I don’t type any extra information.

Internet Explorer 8 stops phising

You would see a red colour URL address bar and extra indicator “Unsafe Website”.


Also, Internet Explorer 8 provides additional information regarding the type of attack. And in this it says that it’s a “Phishing Threat”.


These visuals are clear indicator that the user is going to visit a unsafe website.

How Mozilla Firefox 2.0 warns about a Phishing site

Firefox doesn’t stops block loading of website and doesn’t have any red alert URL title bar.


Firefox just popup a balloon alerting that you are going to visit a unsafe website. Also when you click on “Read More” you will be provided with more information about the kind of website you will be visiting.


Finally I was browsing in Safari 3.0, and see how safari reacts


Do you see any kind of alert in this browser? Anything? Yeah correct. Even I didn’t see any small indicator!!

As apple claims, Safari might be a best browser in this contemporary, but I don’t see a single sign of alert on such website.

This will sure lead to the unknown user to get into a Phishing website. Even I love to browse with Safari, but this one really makes me pissed off! Guess the developers of safari has to look something seriously into it.

I came across few sites which is reporting about this vulnerablity

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