Stop all annoying messages from Twitter & Pownce, get FriendFeed

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 Annoyed with constant pings of Twitter messages in your GTalk? Floated with loads of Email from Digg friends request and Shouts? You get mail from Pownce filling up your inbox just by covering up your important mails? Here is a solution for you to get free from all those annoying stuffs, but still you want to get all the updates as like before? And finally you have problem tracking all the online application’s information daily? Ok ok..I stop at this point and will take you my post.

FriendFeed offers amazing facility that lets you merge a list of online application into one feed to track.

Yo! that’s cool. About 28 frequently used web applications!


Get your info across all the web applications merged into one and read it at some point of time when you want to read it.


This is my feed which has got Twitter & Pownce merged into one , which really makes me free out of all those annoying pings!!

Yeah really, this would save you a lot of annoying pings, emails and messages. You can now turnoff your notification in Digg, Pownce and twitter and still get updated through the Rendered.

Once you have created your feeds, FriendFeed combines everything into a RSS feed send a one time email notification either daily / weekly.


Or put FriendFeed into your Facebook,


or even into your Google reader or any of the RSS feed reader application.

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