Tip for Gmail Users - Very Useful

Here’s a small and very useful tip for the users of gmail. Gmail provides a feature called PLUS(+). Yes the usage of plus symbol in your email id. Like attaching a tag to email. You would have experience keeping various email id’s for various purposes i.e for personal use an email id, for groups purposes an email id, but all these were always irritating to manage. Now Gmail tries to remove those hurdles and makes user feel comfortable to use single email id for different purposes. How??

By using “+” in your email id, you can make your email id to act differently.

For Eg: Let me assume that you have subscribed in various groups with your email id [email protected]. You will be reciving heaps of mails, which would mingle with all your personal mails, friends mails etc. But now with gmail you can do so.


Syntax: <username>+<tagname>@gmail.com

I have created such a email id [email protected] to keep my group mails in Gmail and tried mailed from my rediff id to the mail id and it worked sucessfully. It is one of the cool feature available in google. So no more to manage many mail id’s for different purposes.

One cool idea: You can give <username>+lover@gmail.com mail id to your lover and you would never miss a mail from he/she.

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