Unclutter your Google Reader

Thanks to Adam Pash for mentioning this post in LifeHacker

I’m a fan of various blogs and have a habit of subscribing to the feeds of the blogs and sites which I like to read it daily. But over a period of time, my Google Reader got piled up with the lots of RSS feeds. So, now I’ve a difficult time to read each and every RSS items. And most of the news items seems to be duplicated over various blogs and sites.

If you are a beginner to the internet and blog world, you would just have started your subscription and all you have to do is just to know how to manage the subscriptions. But for the advanced readers and the blog addicts, piling of the feeds will happen frequently. Now it is the high time for me to clean up my RSS shelf.

So, the big question is, how do I know which RSS should I get rid of?

Here is the arranged view of my google reader. There are 1000+ items in each section that is still pending with me to read. But I’m sure I gonna click ‘Mark as Read’ and I gonna get rid of all items ( including important and interesting stuff).

Google Reader - List of subscriptions

Now i've to clean up all these unnecessary stuffs, but at the same time I can't miss out my favorite stuffs. Here comes my saviour the Google Reader Trends that helped me to sort out my problem.

Google Reader - Trends Link
Trends Link in Google Reader
The Google Reader trends shows up my reading trend and habit of reading. There are two types of Trends available
  • Reading Trends
  • Subscription Trends
Google Reader - Trends Snapshot
Google Reader Trends
Reading Trends
The Reading trends answers the question 'which feed you are reading the most?'
The top 5 blogs that I read CrunchGear , Lifehacker, AppleInsider , Engadget and Ars Technica. Also the "#Read" count shows, how many posts you have read in the shown RSS feed and "%Read" shows you how much of the published content you have read. In CrunchGear, i've read 24 items, but it is just the 2% of the items that I've read from the published content. So I've more content to read in CrunchGear. Similarly, in 'Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa ', I've read all the items published, which shows 100%
Google Reader - Reading Trends
Subscription Trends
The subscription trends, answers the question 'Are you intrested in blog feeds which publishes huge number of posts per day?'Subscription trends, shows the frequency of the items getting published from a blog. In Gizmodo, about 46 items published per day but the trends shows that, I don't ready any of Gizmodo's item. Also, CrunchGear publishes 32 items per day and I've read 2% of the items from CrunchGear. So, even though Gizmodo publishes a large volume of news, I'm not much interested in the news item from Gizmodos. So, I might conclude that I'm not reading the subscription ( but might change in future ) that publishes more than 40 posts per day.
Google Reader - Subscription Trends