Web 2.0, Lazy yet Powerful – Part 2

Courtesy: mil8

Continue reading my first part of the post, in this post I will be exploring the new generation of communication experience. The poster is the collage of the twitter users and followers.

Keep yourself updated - The Twitter Magic

Next came the Twitter, Pownce kind of services which made the information live to the users. You get the information on your desktop or mobile whenever they are generated. Do you know, In MacWorld Expo while Steve Jobs delivering his Keynote the Twitter has crashed! This is the influence of Twitter.

About above stuffs are termed as TumbleLogs. TumbleLogs? Yeah small brother of Weblog or Blog!!! Even I’ve my tumble log in Tumblr to record small information, events, photos instantly.

But Twitter goes one step a head and make you the information available right from it’s generation.

Twitter pushing you the information to your desktop ( through GTalk )


Pownce is another push message service, which offers more than Twitter and slowly grabbing the market share of Twitter.

'Face'Book is Index of your Friend's Mind

If you are a facebook or orkut user , you could very well see the updates on your home page of the profile. Those updates are about your friends and contacts , those who have changed, modified, added something in their profile.

Facebook makes things very open, it will update you each and every activity of what your contacts / friends does. Facebook updating your friends activities on your home page.

Facebook displaying details of the friend

Orkut keeping you posted on your friends update.

Orkut displaying details of my friends

Now, you would feel and even nod with me that this Era is making you Lazy , more, more and more..but powerful..more, more and more

But of course this is one of the major advantage of this Era, where information chases us.

Though Orkut and Facebook are connecting people, LinkedIn and Plaxo are helping you to keep updated with your friends, contacts, your business network and server you more. There was post from Amit on how to manage various social profile through one service - 8hands.