Why you won’t love MacBook Air

By the time I start publishing this post, you might find few Anti-MacBook Air post around blogosphere.

For serious Mac Lovers, Developers of MacBook Air and Steve Jobs. Hey sorry dudes, I don't mark any harm on writing this post on the Apple's new MacBook Air.If any one of you people supposed to see it, just take it sportive ;-)

The Innovation - Thinnovation



Courtesy: Apple

Ok, let me come to the post. Hope many would have seen / heard / known about the MacWorld Expo’s new products. Unlike last year Apple didn’t fail to create hype in their products. Last year it was iPhone and this year “MacBook Air”. For those who wonder yet another MacBook? It’s not just “MacBook” it’s “MacBook Air”. What’s so special about it? It’s the world’s thinnest notebook.


Courtesy: MichealStockMore's Video at YouTube

You sound Wow!!! Yeah, it’s cool, it’s sexy and what not. Apple rocks really.

And you know something, before the SteveJobs explore the MacBook Air in MacWorld, Wired Magazine had revealed it's assumption about the new notebook ( which was about 95% correct). ThinkMac Website which did same kind of activity for last year's MacWorld ( revealing iPhone before the Expo ) had been shutdown few months back. That's Different story.

Now you will love the MacBook Air for all the reason of it’s slim ( ok..ok..ultra slim ) look. But..But…there are reasons why you won’t love MacBook Air.

Limited Memory space

Yeah you have only two options on selecting your Hard disk drive and No option on your RAM memory. You can’t get 160GB or 250 GB HDD, just you have to pack things with the 80GB HDD shipped. You have plenty of RAM , 2 GB of memory , but still you have no option of upgrading it.

Only one USB

You have only one USB port and I’m sure you can’t be with it.

No CD-DVD Drive

Damn sure that this will make you upset a lot. It’s a move or a kind of trick to leave you without CDROM / DVD Drive. So either you have to make use of the iTunes store to rent movies, or get another PC/Mac/MacBook which has CDROM with Wireless, so that you can transfer the data. But the main idea is to force you to use the iTunes.

Sealed Battery - Means no battery replacement

Apple guarantee good battery life and 5 hours of working battery. But there are chances of defective pieces, in such cases you have to completely change your MacBook Air.

No Ethernet, No FireWire, No Microphone

You don’t have either of these. No Ethernet, will make you out of connectivity if you don’t have a Wireless Modem or Router. Apple forces you to make use of Wireless. They guess probably you might get one AirPort device. And finally it cost high $1799, you could get either MacBook Pro or a iMac or some other well configured Notebook / PC for this price. So, don’t bury your money with the MacBook Air.

Remember All that glitters are not Gold