Windows Vista's new ( Stealth ) Friend

Few days back, most have heared that “Windows Vista” ( Longhorn ) had it’s kinda attackers. Don’t get guessed with old-bored legal attacks of Microsoft. They are viruses for Windows Vista. Viruses are now ready to welcome the new friend / host. With the latest version of Windows, virus writers have started their work. A virus family have been published. The attack is possibly done through the Windows Vista’s command shell Monad. Monad is simply like BASH shell of Linux, now which provides lot more commands to write advanced shell scripts like that can be wrote in Linux. The fame of releasing the virus goes to the Australian virus writer.

With the, release of the first beta version, now Microsoft have started facing lot of serious questions on security policies bundled with the new kid. But Microsoft, rejects to accept that and says that it has it’s Monad under the development.

Lets wait and see how far the Microsoft is going to offend these virus builders , gonna trap and trash these stealths.

Part of Virus Code ( I hope ) : News Source:,39020396,39212024,00.htm

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